I’m not a screenwriter, but I am currently enrolled in a screenwriting class. Someday I might be a screenwriter, but there is also a distinct possibility someday I could be the guy who mops the floors at a Long John Silvers. Bob Denver once said that “Gilligan’s Island is wherever you want to be in […]

Star Wars releases another teaser trailer for the upcoming film in December featuring new footage.

There are very few things less interesting than hearing about someone else’s fantasy football team/fantasy football league. In fact, I would put it on my personal short-list of the most painful possible topics of conversation, a list that includes: political views, other people’s pets, and/or anything related to the band, The Eagles. Having said that, […]

Star Wars land expansion at Hollywood Studios

After months of speculation, Disney finally made its Star Wars expansion plans clear at their annual D23 Expo.

“I always tried to be the fliest kid in the block The popular one with the rising stock So that’s when I had this bright idea Throw the party of the month Nah, the party of the year” When most people reflect on the year 2000, they think about Y2K and the proposed doom that […]

Simply because a quote is remembered, immortalized, or simply  displayed that does not mean that is of great value, coherence, or worthy of being mentioned. I perused Forbes list of the 100 most inspirational quotes of all time and found some real shoddy verbiage interspersed within the bunch. Below you will find some of the more […]

What do you get when you combine a frightened seven year old, anesthesia, and a flip-phone? The answer: a viral sensation with nearly 130 million views and a long-lasting cultural relevancy that many performers, entertainers, and artists would kill for. On this week’s installment of “Is It Still Funny?” I watched the 2008 internet phenomenon, […]