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Podcast Recommendation: Stuff You Should Know

Up first on my list of podcast recommendations is Stuff You Should Know. Learn what the pod is about, its history, and more.


The Epitome of Cool: Looking Back at “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”

“I always tried to be the fliest kid in the block The popular one with the rising stock So that’s when I had this bright idea Throw the party of the month Nah, the party of the year” When most people reflect on the year 2000, they think about Y2K and the proposed doom that […]

It’s Time To Retire ‘Merica

Much like a gallon of watered down skim milk– words, phrases, and sayings have expiration dates. The difference between popular terminology and lactose laden products is that no agency exists to tell you, or the collective public, that the item in question is no longer fresh, nor eligible for consumption. So allow¬†me to tell all […]