Podcast Recommendation: Stuff You Should Know

stuff you should know podcast

Working from home can be lonely for some. You rarely hear from others and colleagues aren’t around to pop into your cubicle for a quick chat. In my case, almost all communication with co-workers comes in the form of Skype messages. The silence can be great for concentration and focus, allowing you to get more done than you might in a traditional office setting. But after a while, you just need a little noise. Music doesn’t do it for me, so I turn to podcasts. They have easily become apart of my daily work ritual playing them from the podcast app on my iPhone. I listen to roughly 3 to 5 hours of podcasts in an average workday. I thought I’d let you in on some of my preferences. First up is perhaps my favorite, the ever-informational Stuff You Should Know podcast.

The Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) podcast is hosted by Joshua Clark and Charles W. (Chuck) Bryant – writers at the HowStuffWorksWebsite. Dating back to early 2008, Stuff You Should Know aims to educate listeners every Tuesday and Thursday on a variety of topics. Being around for over 7 years means they have a huge library of shows for new listeners to catch up on. Josh and Chuckers (as Josh sometimes affectionately calls Chuck) have covered everything from how yo-yos work to what the future of earth might look like. Podcasts generally last from 35 minutes to an hour and also typically include a listener mail section.

The hosts often relate to topics through popular culture and personal experiences which bring plenty of comedic moments to the conversationally styled show. They are certainly knowledgable fellows, but also come across as average Joes who love learning and doing a little research.

Some of my favorite episodes are and The Time Nazis Invaded Florida and How Electricity Works. If you have a spare hour or just want to throw something on in the background, give Josh and Chuck a listen. You can download their episodes via iTunes or on their website archive.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are your favorites?


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