‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler Book Review

Yes Please by Amy Poehler Jordan Lyons Book Review

I’ve been in a bit of a transition stage with the whole moving from Michigan to Florida thing this year, so I just signed up to get a library card in my new location about a month or two ago. The first book I put on my wish list was Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Apparently, I wasn’t the one interested in reading the comedic musings of TV’s Leslie Knope. I ended up being behind 20 or so people to get my paws on the 350 page memoir, but it was worth the wait.

Yes Please doesn’t follow a chronological storyline through Poehler’s life. Instead, the comedic star writes a book featuring a collection of stories covering the things that have shaped her life and crucial parts of her journey. Poehler mixes up the way her memoir is presented keeping readers on their toes like a true improv veteran. While Yes Please dominantly is presented in text, it also features throwback pictures of childhood, show scripts and scenes, acrostics, and old schoolwork. The book opens with a rant on how hard the writing process turned out to be for the uber busy mother of two and film/television star. Amy winds her way through her early improv years in Chicago with the Upright Citizens Brigade and New York with Saturday Night Live. Friends Seth Myers and Mike Schur add to the book in their own words with stories of friendship and working together with the New England native. These two Hollywood stars are far from the only celebrities and A-listers that show up in Yes Please. Unsurprisingly, one of my favorite portions of the story was the detailed beginning of Amy’s path to her hit role as Leslie Knope. However, not all of life is fun and games and Yes Please is no different. Amy shares her tough times dealing with divorce and depression.

Overall, Yes Please is an entertaining and smooth read. Fans of Amy Poehler’s work on Parks & Recreation and SNL shouldn’t miss this interesting piece that offers plenty of hilarious stories behind jokes and bits.


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