Disney to Unveil New Surprise Each Week in 2013

Starting in January of 2013, Guests at Walt Disney World and Disneyland will have some unique new experiences.  Disney announced that each week, there will be a special theme that Guests can enjoy and celebrate.  But enjoy it while you can, it will be disappear at the end of the seven day stint.  Then in a seamless transition, a fresh special decor and schedule of events will be brought in.   They have coined this new program “Limited Time Magic.”

Disney announced this new program in conjunction with a revealing of a 45,000 pound ice castle in New York’s Times Square.  The 25 foot sculpture was built to symbolize the temporal nature of this initiative.  Spectators could view the sculpture melting before their eyes.  Disney explains how they got that enormous of a sculpture in New York overnight.

Below are a few of the special Limited Time Magic events for Guests beginning in January:

True Love: Disney will encourage their Guests to celebrate romance and love during Valentine’s week.  Special offerings include castles shaded in red and pink, Disney Princes joining their other halves to meet with Guests, and special menu touches at many of the parks’ restaurants.

Independence Week: What’s the 4th of July without a week long patriotic celebration?  There will be no shortage of red, white, and blue for that week.

Unleash the Villains: To celebrate the occurrence of Friday the 13th of September, Hollywood Studios and Disneyland will stay open until 1AM (the 13th hour).  Some of the more villainous characters (Jafar, Maleficent, etc) are rumored to be hosting a dance party including collectibles.

Long Lost Friends Week: The forgotten and lesser-known Disney characters will be showcased in meet and greets in Florida and California.  Some of the scheduled guests include Clarabelle Cow, Remy, Flik, and more.  There will also be an online poll for Guests to select the characters they want to see most.

Limited Time Magic is one of several big event schedule for Disney parks this year.  In Florida, the new Fantasyland will continue expansion during 2013 and in California, Cars Land will be debuting in June.


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