Magic Kingdom to Lift Alcohol Ban

Photo by Disney

With the opening of the new Fantasyland imminent, Disney World will also be making some changes to it’s alcohol policy.  The Magic Kingdom had been dry since 1971 when the park opened.  However, in a quest to further authenticate the French dining experience at the new Be Our Guest restaurant, Guests will have the opportunity to purchase beer and wine during their dining experience.  The alcoholic beverages will only be available during dinner and there will be no “to go” serving.  This policy is not new for all Disney parks.  Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios all serve alcoholic refreshments.  Bryan Malenius, a Disney spokesman commented,

“Our research tells us that guests expect to order beer and wine at a dining experience like this, and having a selection of wine and beer from France and Belgium complements the theme of the restaurant and its French-inspired cuisine.”

USA Today reports that A glass of wine will cost somewhere between $8 and $17, while beer beverages will be in the range of $6 to $10. Those looking for a nonalcoholic alternative will have the chance to order “L’Amour Vrais” (true love).

Photo by DisWhiz

What do you think?  Would Walt approve of this change in policy?


One comment

  1. Laura Lyons · · Reply

    No, he wouldn’t. Something things should not change. LL


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