Magic Kingdom’s New “Beauty” Debuts: Be Our Guest Restaurant

Disney continued its soft opening of the new Fantasyland this past weekend by letting Guests get a first glance inside the magnificent new Be Our Guest restaurant.  The restaurant, nestled inside the mountain at the foot of Beast’s castle, is divided into three distinct dining areas: the Rose Gallery, the Ballroom, and the West Wing.  Each has its own unique atmosphere and flare.  The West Wing is dark and mysterious, the Ballroom is elegant and expansive, and the Rose Gallery is warm and colorful.

The restaurant will be open for both lunch and dinner services.  Lunch will be much more of a quick service experience with Guests using kiosks to order their food.  The dining session will be much more traditional featuring a full service French feast.

As you will see with the photos below, Disney’s Imagineers create a memorable and eye opening dining environment that is faithful to the movie’s imagery.  The Ballroom stands out particularly to me with its classic beauty.  You can even see the snow through the windows looking outside.  The grand opening is scheduled for December 6, 2012, so start making your reservations!

The folks over at The Disney Blog recorded a short and interesting video during the preview.  Also, don’t forget to check out the gallery below!  What do you think of the atmosphere inside and outside the restaurant?


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  1. […] park opened.  However, in a quest to further authenticate the French dining experience at the new Be Our Guest restaurant, Guests will have the opportunity to purchase beer and wine during their dining […]


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