Disney Testing Ticket Replacement for Parks

Photo by FCC

Making the dream vacation to Disney World with your family can become a bit hectic.  There are a ton of things to keep track of: park tickets, hotel keys, meals plans, parking passes, etc.  Put these things on top of the number one priority of keeping your children safe and you can be overwhelmed fast!  Well, what if Disney presented you with a way to consolidate all of those things into one simple device?   Introducing a new experiment: “Magic Bands.”

Disney is might be looking to do just that on the way to revolutionizing theme park visits with a RFID bracelet that could be used for park entrance, Fastpass, and more.  Effectively centralizing all of these processes will, in theory, make it easier for Guests to enjoy their vacation instead of sweating about the details.

At the same time, these bracelets can act as a consumer tracking device.  Monitoring the presences of these devices in parks will allow Disney to get a more accurate number of Guests.  Guests could benefits from more precise wait times and quick access to restaurants and vendors throughout the park.

No doubt, some will cry foul at the potential invasiveness of this ground-breaking move.  However, Disney will see this as improving the customer experience and that is good for business

Love it, hate it, or something in between? Let me know!


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