Disney’s Monsters University Enrollment Starts Next Fall

Disney’s Pixar is going to creative lengths to promote their upcoming animated feature “Monsters University“.  They have gone as far as creating a fully functional website that looks as authentic as it gets.  They have everything from a campus store where you can buy merchandise to show your Monsters support to a special letter from President Victoria Gross.

The movie, originally titled “Monsters, Inc. 2”, will be released in 2013.  The movie is set to be a prequel of the 2001 film, Monsters Inc.  John Goodman (James P. “Sully” Sullivan) and Billy Crystal (Mike Wazowski) are set to return to their roles from the original movie and Kelsey Grammer will voice Henry J. Waternoose III.

As you can probably guess, Sully and Mike meet as freshman at Monsters U.  What you might not know is that they started out as rivals before teaming up.  View the trailer from Apple now!


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