The following text was written for a course that I completed last semester. It’s atypical for this blog site in that it’s less social commentary/opinion and more grounded in history and fact. Nevertheless, I think the publication history of “A Confederacy of Dunces” is fascinating and, moreover, I think that this term paper (written by your friendly […]

This screenplay while admittedly of inferior quality to that of “The Hot Eater,” marks a thematic return to Millennial musings and “Y” questions that this blog once sought to answer. What you will find below is the story of, one, Henry Harrison a young writer working for a Buzzfeed-like website who finds himself increasingly frustrated with […]

Below you will find a short screenplay that I wrote for a class several months ago. It was the first time that I attempted to write something of this nature and format, so if it reads that way…  it should. The story revolves around a professional hot dog eater named Frank (LOL RIGHT?) who is diagnosed […]

It’s been several months since I professed my beefs to you. In the words of Blues Traveler, “…the banner may be torn and the wind’s gotten colder, perhaps I’ve grown a little cynical. But I know no matter what the waitress brings, I shall drink it and always be full. Yeah, I will drink it and always be […]

nba 2015-16 season preview

The NBA season is practically here! I’ve made some predictions on how the year will shake out including season records, awards, and the eventual champion: Eastern Conference Regular Season Standings Teams in bold make the playoffs Western Conference Regular Season Standings End of Season Awards Rookie of the Year Jahlil Okafor Sixth Man of the Year […]

“Eat them dogs, you dumb son-of-a-bitch.”- Spectator #1 in A Glutton for Punishment It was those immortal words spoken by Spectator #1 that comprised the final bit of dialogue in my first completed screenplay in this semesters screenwriting course. The plot, as those of you who read the last post might have guessed, revolved around a […]

stuff you should know podcast

Up first on my list of podcast recommendations is Stuff You Should Know. Learn what the pod is about, its history, and more.